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Immigration to Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a new destination country for immigrants. Many of our clients are retirees who want to enjoy their life in a new country, but without the burden of high-cost living.

While some of our clients are able to live off equity that they have made in the Middle East or earn a hefty income from renting out their properties, in most instances, a good way to pursue a permanent life in Bulgaria is to find work.

Many immigrants start their own businesses such as restaurants, hotels, IT firms, or other viable businesses in Bulgaria. There are many unexplored ventures in Bulgaria, which are becoming easier to determine with the continuing expansion in tourism, retail, service and entertainment.

Of course, there is always the opportunity to work in Bulgaria as a skilled personnel. Many individuals have brought their current skills and experience into the growing industries in this country such as IT, banking, and business management.

For many of our clients, coming from a usually stressed environment in the Middle East means that among the biggest reasons why they migrate to Bulgaria is that the country provides great opportunities to enjoy their retirement. There are pristine beaches in the summer, you can go skiing in the winter, you can trek mountains, there are cultural attractions, and many more!

Call us today and let us talk how you can start your migration to Bulgaria.

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