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2nd Citizenship Passports Services

When clients inquire about getting second citizenship passports, they usually ask us about the reasons why they may avail of this. Here is general information to guide you with your decision if you want to take on second citizenship.

Getting a second citizenship is allowed in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. However, that is not the case for other countries such as Saudi Arabia as you will lose your citizenship once you gain your citizenship to another country.

If you want to pursue second citizenship, you can reap the rewards of the following:

1. Travel with less restriction
For instance, you want to travel to UK, Canada, US or Australia several times a year because of business or personal choice, you can do so freely without the need to apply for a travel visa every now and then. As a holder of dual citizenship, you can travel whenever you can.

2. Residency
Once you become a citizen of another country, you will be bestowed with the legal rights to take up residence and live there whenever you want.

3. Freedom If by any case that your country become politically or economically unstable, you can easily go to your second country for better prospects.

4. Sign of Trust
If you are bestowed with a second citizenship, it signifies that you are trustworthy. Remember, only individuals who are qualified not only financially but of moral standards can be accepted as citizen of another country.

Once you finally decide that you want to take your second citizenship, don’t forget to call Premiers to further help you out with the process.

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